Diamond Shapes

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In our previous blog we explored the world of laboratory-grown vs naturally occurring diamonds from the earth. This time we dive into diamond shapes, their exciting history points, along with some fascinating symbolism and meaning.

Often we dream of our perfect engagement ring before we get the chance to buy or try it on, and one of the first things you debate is the shape. The shape refers to the general silhouette, and should not be confused with the cut (read our upcoming blog to learn more about the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, colour, and carat).



This remains the most popular shape for diamonds and makes for a classic set of earrings, a solitaire engagement ring, or a necklace pendant. Most round diamonds are brilliant-cut, which has many facets helping the diamond’s angles enhance its fire and brilliance. 

The round diamond shape symbolism is similar to a wedding band’s endless circle and is associated with eternal love. A classic choice for a romantic who wears their heart on their sleeve.


A famous shape with a long history, dating back as early as 1304 with the famous Koh-i-Noor, one of the many beautiful Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and one of the largest diamonds in history. This shape is known to help make fingers appear longer and slimmer. Oval diamonds have soft edges with no corners, unlike Marquise.

The symbolism behind an oval diamond is faithfulness, balance and harmony in relationships. It is a perfect choice for those looking for something elegant and traditional.

Two stunning ExAurum rings featuring a large oval diamond and two round diamonds.

oval diamond rings white gold yellow gold bands

Princess Cut - Square

Square diamonds typically feature a princess cut, which is shaped like an upside-down pyramid and appears square when looking at it face up. If opting for a square diamond, it is important to choose a setting that protects the corners.

A princess-cut diamond symbolizes strength, power, and confidence. If you are looking for a trendy but elegant ring, the princess cut is perfect for you.

Cushion - Rectangle

This captivating softened shape comes with a sprinkle of magic, creating the illusion of a larger diamond by carat weight. A cushion-shaped diamond resembles a square with rounded corners.

This iconic shape represents individuality and makes an excellent choice for any vintage lovers.

cushion cut yellow diamond

Emerald - Octagonal

The most common octagonal cut is the classic emerald cut, emphasizing long parallel lines with clipped corners. It possesses the essence of Art Deco design with its strong lines. 

The emerald cut symbolizes confidence, clarity and class. A trendy choice amongst Hollywood stars, this is an excellent choice for someone who loves new or old Hollywood, mixing trends and classic elegance. 


This is another shape with ancient history. Emerging in the 18th century, it was named after Jean Antoinette Poisson the Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV, as it was said to resemble her mouth. Similar to the square shape, this shape creates the illusion that a diamond is larger in size. It is similar in shape to an oval diamond, with sharp corners at either end. Symmetry is very important when selecting a marquise diamond.

The regal marquise shape is associated with love, joy, and celebration. If you are looking for a classic look with a modern twist, the marquise shape may be the most eye-catching to you.


A shape similar to a teardrop or raindrop, this shape blends the softness of a round diamond and the sharp corners of a marquise. This shape is also known to give the appearance of slim fingers when worn with the point facing toward the fingertip.

A pear-cut diamond's meaning sophistication and femininity, is perfect for someone looking for an elegant look that still stands out.


A shape is known for its romance and femininity. Not as common as one may expect, making it all the more special.

The sentimental heart shape is a symbol of pure romanticism and passionate love and is a great choice for the die-hard romantics.

Trilliant (Triangle)

Trilliant diamonds are commonly used as side stones (see photo above) but for someone craving a truly unique engagement ring, could be a striking solitaire. Most trilliant diamonds are cut in brilliant style, adding shimmer that enhances their eye-catching capabilities.

Triangles represent balance, harmony and equilibrium, and they are also closely associated with the number three, which many see as the perfect number, associated with the connection of the mind, body and soul. Good things come in threes!

Oval diamond