Engagement and Fine Diamond Jewellery


At Ex Aurum Jewellers, our diamond creations are meticulously handcrafted and splendidly designed in our own Montreal Atelier by skilled master jewellers and talented designers. Outstanding quality is important to us, to honour the special moments of your life with the personal touch that we are known for.

Fine Styling


Luxuriant and vibrant creations with all their sentiment and emotion bring us back to the original passions of jewellery in ways that an ancient art with relentless and everlasting transformational beauty does.

Our styles sweep from classic diamond beauties to contemporary and modern looks, each having its own special attributes. With customizable options, browse our selection of handcrafted Montreal-made fine jewelry and find that engagement ring that you’ve been searching for.

From large, dramatic hoop earrings to fabulous diamond stud earrings, we know that earrings enhance the face and expressions of individual style. We invite you to browse our earrings, curated for glamour, mood, and style.

Whether you like them delicate or bold, pendants can become personal, even sentimental expressions, especially when layering favourites. Pendants are about how they make someone feel.

Pendants and necklaces intrigue. A pendant is worn where others see it, both personal and public. A powerful message, cherished gift, or an heirloom, whatever the reason for the pieces we choose, pendants and necklaces are personal and essential for men and women alike. If you want to know someone better, ask them about their pendants.



Know what you buy. E-commerce makes it easier to buy a diamond online, but it is important to stay informed!


Want to know more about our custom jewelry making process? We work with you, to create the piece of your dreams


Established since more than 30 years, Ex Aurum has been a pioneer of fine jewelry. Learn more about us!