The 4Cs:

To simplify diamond grading, the gemmological institute of America (GIA) established the universal diamond grading system, the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat. At Ex Aurum, each diamond is carefully hand selected from hundreds of diamonds to give you the best. Beauty and value are what we aim for. Book a virtual appointment with us to find the diamond of your dreams!


Gem quality diamonds, used in the jewellery industry range from colorless, to fancy colored. As the most common diamonds on the market, colorless stones range from D (colorless), to Z (light yellow). At Ex Aurum, we only carry diamonds in the D to J color range, as a testament to our quality, and attention to detail.

Diamond Color Scale


The clarity indicates the internal and external purity of a diamond, if it is free from any blemishes or inclusions. We always aim to choose diamonds in which the inclusions are invisible from the naked eye. That way, the imperfections will not hide away the beauty of your diamond, or of your dream engagement ring!

Diamond CLarity Scale


Not to be confused with shape, the cut ultimately determines the brilliance of a diamond. If it is not cut adequately, either being too deep or too shallow, the light will not reflect properly on the facets. A beautifully cut diamond also means some much-enjoyed fire, brightness, and dispersion.


The carat ultimately indicates the weight of a diamond however, it does have an influence on the size. It is important to consider that if a diamond is too shallow, it may appear larger, and if a stone is too deep, it may also appear smaller than the same carat, well cut stone. Here at Ex Aurum, we prefer quality over size, but we will offer you the best quality diamond, in the best size possible for your budget.

Diamond Carat Weight