The Perfect Engagement Ring with the Perfect Place

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



This museum focuses on Dutch art. The building itself has a good layout and excellent lighting for viewing some great art by famous artists such as the popular Vermeer, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt. There are also some fabulous paintings by Franz Hals. This museum gives a great history of art and artists within the country.

There is also a wonderful reflecting pool and plenty of spaces to sit and each lunch and people watch. You can sit, grab lunch and watch street performers entertaining the crowds. There are also lovely gardens to stroll around in.


This beautiful park is a must-see when you are in Amsterdam. You can spend an entire morning wandering through it. Enjoy seeing the wildlife, the scenery and the serenity of this beautiful area. Even though the park is usually filled with people and pets, you will still feel the tranquility fill your soul. This is a perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is a nice 3 km circuit within the park to walk around.

The Jordaan

Jordaan one of the main neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Here, there are so many beautiful streets, apartments and lovely canals. You can sit in a bar, order a beer and soak up the atmosphere of the streets and canals here. Here, you are close to all Amsterdam’s highlights. You will be able to walk everywhere.

The Perfect Engagement Ring


The Tulip diamond engagement ring marries an organic floral feel with a thoroughly modern style. The lovely round cut center diamond is secured by six gold prongs. An aesthetically pleasing full diamond halo sweeps around the center diamond with flowing lines to give the appearance of a flower. The simple gold shank is also adorned with a partial pavé of diamonds to complete this beautiful engagement ring. You can view this ring by browsing our diamond engagement ring catalog.

Barcelona, Spain


Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

You should not leave Barcelona without visiting this amazing place, for it is a truly unique experience. You should visit here with a guide or audio guide so you don’t miss the countless details both on the outside and inside of the basilica. The way the light is captured and the colors that are reflected will literally take your breath away. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is something that you should see in your lifetime. It is an architectural marvel that has been in the making for centuries. Even though the extravagant exterior architecture is incredibly detailed, do not let that stop you from appreciating the incredible interior architecture. The inside is one of the most amazing visual experiences.

Palau de la Musica Orfeo Catala

The building’s exterior is very beautiful and the video presentation is very informative. The enthusiasm of the guides is infectious and will draw you into the story and spirit of the Palau. The Palau is a temple built to honor composers and musicians. The beauty of the surroundings will match that of the music. Even if you don’t attend a musical performance, you should visit here as it is stunning.

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic)

A walk through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona will yield a visual delight, as you take in the architectural sights of another long-ago age. Churches, relics, streets named for an array of saints greet you around every corner. Narrow lanes zip-zag around impressive building and old stone walls to provide you with an incredible experience. If you love history and want to immerse yourself into Spain’s Gothic past, this place is for you.

The Perfect Engagement Ring


While slightly more rounded and feminine than its cousin, Lady Judith, the Lara engagement ring retains all of the former ring’s majesty. While the diamond encrusted shank (with gorgeous diamond pavé masterfully set on all sides) shares many design characteristics with Lady Judith, it is the head where the two engagement rings differ. Four sets of double gold prongs hold the stunning round cut center diamond securely in place, while a full diamond halo surrounds it and adds to its brilliance. You can request a quote for this beautiful engagement ring by visiting here.

Sydney, Australia


Sydney Harbour

Sydney harbour has lots of free beaches, parks, headlands, and walkways. With the beautiful blue water, the clear and clean beaches, the sails of sailboats in the sun, the opera house, the harbour bridge, Luna Park it all makes for a visual feast. Do yourself a favour and take a ferry ride to get onto the harbour. There are plenty of places for you to bring your own food and picnic. A quintessential Australian place.

Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

This is a roughly 5 km coastal walk. It is the a very picturesque walk, especially when Sculptures By the Sea is held. Take the train to Sydney then a bus to Bondi Beach where the Sculptures begin and you will end up with on the sand at Tamarama Beach or go the opposite direction and end up at Bondi Beach. You can have a coffee or ice cream at when you get there. The ocean view is breathtaking. You can take quick (or not so quick) breaks at local shops and cafes along the way that will add to the charm of your experience. This walk is suitable for all levels of fitness since you set your own pace.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a world famous beach for good reason. The white sandy beach is very wide the ocean is perfect. You can watch surfers attempting to catch the big wave. With lots of bars, restaurants and shops conveniently located near the beach, you will never want for anything. There is also a farmers market on the weekend if that is your thing.

The Perfect Engagement Ring


Our Princess Larysa diamond engagement ring is one of our most popular models, and with good reason. With its classic style, it embodies personality and character of a dream engagement ring. It features a beautiful princess cut center diamond, held aloft in a modern, four prong setting. The shank is encrusted with a full diamond pavé that catches the light in a brilliant manner. If you would like more information on this gorgeous diamond engagement ring, please request a quote for this ring here.

Lucerne, Switzerland


Mount Pilatus

Taking a trip to Mount Pilatus is a phenomenal experience. Start with a train ride from Lucerne to Alpnachstad (which is the town at the base of this mountain). From there you will take a steep cogwheel to the top of the mountain – all the while being treated to beautiful views. If you are adventurous enough, there will be a point (about midway up the mountain) where they will stop the train so people could get out and hike the rest of the way up. At the top of the mountain you will enter a building with a souvenir shop and some restrooms. There are five hiking trails that you can choose to do. There is a hike to the highest peak (which is the Tomlishorn). Everywhere you look will be breathtaking mountain views that you will forever treasure. The trail is ranked as medium difficulty but if you are afraid of heights it might not be the best (it si safe, but still not for the faint-hearted). From the top, you can take the gondolas down the mountain.

Lake Lucerne

For a spectacular yet relaxing time, take a 5-hour boat cruise around this vast valley of lakes. The water is an emerald green and the mountains to either side are lush with vegetation. The landscape is so breathtaking that it’s hard to believe it’s real. The saturation of all the colors (lake and greenery) must be seen to be fully appreciated. There is also a jogging track lined with chestnut trees in the area near the lake, where there are some restaurants that have open air dining facilities. You will also enjoy watching the swans and other birds that call this area home.

Lucerne’s Old Town

This city is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities that can be found. It is full of shops located in beautiful historic buildings. It’s small enough that you can walk everywhere. You can grab something to eat or drink and then head down the sidewalk along the water. It goes on a long way and is not as packed with crowds. There are plenty of streets to explore and it’s a fun way to spend the day.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Crown Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful diamond solitaire ring is always one of our most popular jewelry pieces. Diamond pavé flank the center stone while in a simple but stunning presentation. It would make a lovely engagement ring for your future bride. You can request a quote for this engagement ring by following this link.

Montréal, Canada


Notre-Dame Basilica

While the outside of this cathedral is lovely, it is the inside that is unforgettable. The wood carving details and the altar are simply outstanding. It is one of the most beautiful cathedral around. The colours are awe inspiring. The size humbling. For convenience, it is located right at the entrance of Old Montreal and the downtown area. The architecture of this basilica is Gothic Revival and is a feast for the soul and the eyes.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal feels like a small dose of Europe accompanied by great restaurants and bars. It is centrally located and it is easy to walk or take the metro to and from other parts of this beautiful city. You will enjoy taking a stroll along the cobbled streets. There are plenty of shops and restaurants as well as interesting heritage buildings, several of which you can visit. It’s also close to the old port. The locals here are as pleasant and friendly and their hospitality will make you enjoy your stay. It is also a very safe area for walking and sightseeing.

Mount Royal

If you visit the mountain that sits in the center of Montreal be sure to take the trails. The views are fantastic. You can hike all the way to the top of the mountain and visit the lodge there with ts fantastic lookout and views of the city. Designed by the same man who designed Central Park in New York City, it feels like a little bit of the natural world preserved in the middle of a busy city. There’s also a walk around the summit that takes in the Cross of Montreal and that joins to the lodge. You will observe many Montrealers and tourists riding bikes, jogging and sunning themselves. If you will be hiking or walking here, there are several park benches are reasonable intervals along the wide trail to the top. There is a Beaver Lake where many people enjoy sitting, laying, and walking. You could spend hours at this park walking the network of trails while enjoying the outdoors.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Lavoie Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond solitaire ring is always one of our most popular rings. The clean, simple yet beautiful shank holds a center diamond and is flanked with an elegantly placed diamond pavé. Any bride would love to wear this ring. Contact Ex Aurum Jewelers for more information or drop by our showroom to see this ring in person.