The Perfect Engagement Ring for the Perfect Destination

Creating the perfect environment for popping The Big Question to the woman you love goes beyond just buying a nice engagement ring and finding a nice restaurant, it requires a lot of planning to make the moment truly magical, memorable, and special.

This article will be the first in a multi-post series where we try and match up a dream destination where you can ask for her hand in marriage and couple it with a beautiful engagement ring that will make everything come together perfectly.

In part 1 of this series we will be looking at some classic engagement destinations: Paris, Rome, and Venice along with another beautiful (and sunny) locale in Mallorca, Spain. Then, we will pair up a beautiful engagement ring that captures the spirit of each of these locations.

Paris, France


The City of Light (also known as the City of Love, previously) is a beautiful and perfect place to drop to one knee and give her an engagement ring.

Eiffel Tower

The romance that is France is epitomized in the Eiffel Tower experience. The view that you enjoy walking up to the tower grows with each step. Rising above the lights of Paris is exhilarating as well as alluring to the visitor. The time of day adds to the experience…the closer to sunset the better. This is one of those experiences that adds to ones life.

Bring a picnic and be prepared to be amazed. Go during the day but it is more spectacular when vistied at night. Every hour the Eiffel Tower is lit up with a light show where white lights sparkle and make it even more beautiful then you can imagine.

The Louvre

Even beyond the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and crowns jewels of the French monarch there are so many reasons to go here. If its during peak time like spring or summer, order your tickets online first so you can avoid the long lines and bring a water bottle and comfy shoes.

Luxenbourg Gardens

All of the parks and open spaces in Paris are well maintained and well used by all ages either playing, exercising or just relaxing, but none more so than the beautiful Jardins de Luxembourg. Situated adjacent to the museum and upper house of the French Parliament it lies between the Seine and main student area around the Sorbonne and the Pantheon and Montparnasse. The gardens form a green oasis for the city and is full of locals and visitors enjoying being outside in beautiful surroundings

The Beausoleil Engagement Ring


Inspired by the romance of Paris, this is a contemporary take on love in the City of Light. This is a matching set of solitaire ring and wedding ring. The solitaire features a single round diamond. Both rings are set with diamond pave, with single diamond accents interspersed at regular intervals.

This diamond engagement ring utilizes a derivative of the Streamline Moderne design style. Sharp angles are replaced with simple, aerodynamic curves giving a fluid feel to this diamond engagement ring.

You can get a quote for this diamond engagement ring here.


Mallorca, Spain


Cathedral (Le Seu)

This Cathedral of Light and the Sea dominates the harbour area and town. Go in on a morning because it closes quite early. The light and sun stream through the coloured windows and the place glows with brilliant light. There are at least three chapels and the furthest one is spectaular, with a massive tableau carved and gouged out of the plaster and decorated with religious imagery, Mallorcan features such as sea life and palm trees, and the windows are painted with a punky dark stormy wash. It is a breathtaking place.

Serra de Tramuntana

If you have a car in Mallorca and want a good day trip then take a circular drive through the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains for some breathtaking views with beautiful villages and small towns. Try driving from Andratx to Port De Pollenca on the main “coast road’ via Banyalbufar, Calldemosa, Deia, Soller/Port de Soller, Lluc then Pollenca. Alternatively you could do this the opposite way round. The way back is to drive from Port De Pollenca to Andratx on the main roads and Motorway. It takes just over an hour on but the coast road will take most of the rest of the day.

Try stopping in Deia if you can find a parking place and have a wander up the steep slopes to the church which has great views. If you do not wish to be this energetic then try one of the small cafe’s on the main road. You can park just outside the village and walk in.

The Port de Pollensa at the Northern end of the route is the islands most attractive seaside town and if you still have time then the the ride up to the old lighthouse which overlooks the bay and the Med for more spectacular far reaching views.

Either way you won’t regret it but make sure you leave enough time to take everything in.

The Cordoba Engagement Ring


This beautiful engagement ring was inspired by the rich history and power of old Spain. Worthy of royalty, we set a stunning round cut diamond at this ring’s center and made it the focal point to the overall design. To help attract the eye and to accentuate the beauty of this diamond, our diamond setters then craft two full diamond halos around it. The first diamond halo faces the front and is made of a series of beautiful round diamonds. The second tier halo was placed along the side of the first one, in order to provide a brilliant sparkle when the engagement ring is viewed from the profile. We have also set more diamonds along the base of the prongs (where they join with the shank).

The delicate white gold shank is also adorned with diamond pavé. The net result is a gorgeous work of art, crafted from the finest white gold and diamonds that can be found.

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Venice, Italy


The City of Bridges, the Queen of the Adriatic, La Serenissima are but some of the names which have been given to one of the most famous and beautiful cities on the world. Venice was once one of the richest and most powerful states in Europe whose position as the gateway between the wealth of Asia and the markets of Europe brought her immense wealth. This wealth is on display as soon as you arrive and witness the gorgeous buildings and monuments.

St. Mark’s Square

What’s not to love here, live music fantastic shops and loverly restaurants. Wake up early enough and go for a walk around the square it’s like a fairy tale.

Be sure to visit here either earlier in the morning or later in the evening as it gets very crowded during the peak times of the mid-day. While some people complain about the peddlers trying to sell their trinkets to tourists, this square is still a must-see during your stay in Venice.

You will be surrounded by beautiful and historic buildings from Venice’s heyday as a global trading power. In the square, you are flanked by St Mark’s Basilica, the Campanile, and the Doges’ Palace.

Enjoy some ice cream and coffee at one the piazza cafes and listen to some classical music while you wait for the famous bell tower to sound off the top of the hour.

Campanile di San Marco

As with most other important tourist sites, be sure to either arrive here early or later in the day and the lines can get quite long for a chance to go up to the top of the tower. The views though, are worth it as you see St Mark’s Square, the Basilica & Dogges’ Palace from a different perspective & also have great views across Venice from all angles.

Looking out from the 318 foot high bell tower gives you an amazing view of the Piazza below, the red roofs of the houses which fill the city, the surrounding islands and beautiful Adriatic Sea. You’ll appreciate Venice that much more seeing it from above. It will be a highlight of your visit.

The Princess Melissa Engagement Ring


The beautiful Princess Melissa engagement ring is consistently one of our most popular models. The center cushion cut diamond is secured by means of four gold prongs and is accentuated with a full diamond halo. This halo contains 16 beautiful round cut diamonds that are set for maximum brilliance. In addition, we have set more diamonds along the delicate shank in a dazzling pavé. Please watch the video of this engagement ring, so that you can better appreciate its splendor.

You can request a quote to find out more information regarding this stunning engagement ring here.


Rome, Italy


Trevi Fountain

Go ahead and throw 2 coins (remember to do it backwards over our left shoulder with our right hand of course) into the fountain. This fountain is a must see for first time travellers to the Eternal City and especially if you are looking to add some romance to your visit.

The Trevi Fountain was made popular in Hollywood films and as such can get very crowded. Make sure to visit here earlier in the day or later in the afternoon or early evening to have a more relaxed stay here.

The fountain is in a lovely area with the cobblestone streets and is filled with atmosphere and romance. The fountain itself will take your breath away when you first see it. Beautiful during the day, but also spectacular at night as the fountain will be lit up.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the more impressive sights in the city outside of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Basilica. Get a thrill walking up to the Pantheon at night, as it looks incredible, especially with zero crowds. Night time can seem like the perfect time to be there for romantics and locals.

The Pantheon is within walking distance to the Trevi fountain and the main piazzas and Saint Peter’s, the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel. The portico is majestic, and when one enters the circular building the eyes are caught by the oculus at the top of the dome. This building also houses the tomb of Raphael. A simply wonderful place, make sure to go before or after having a coffee or a spritz at one of the terraces on Piazza della Rotonda, where local musicians serenade the crowds.

The Tremezzo Diamond Engagement Ring


This beautifully feminine engagement ring features a stunning round cut center diamond, surrounded by a stylish full diamond pavé which has been set around the four gold prongs. To either side of the center diamond have been set rows of diamond pavé along the delicate shank to create a rich and romantic effect.

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