More Beautiful Antique Jewelry

More Beautiful Antique Jewelry

 Yesterday we featured several beautiful vintage jewelry pieces. But since we found so many beautiful pieces of jewelry, we decided to make another post to highlight the ones we left out yesterday.

 In the following article, we will highlight two different bracelets, pendants and earrings each. Each of these jewelry pieces are from prior the 1950s and a few are even from the 19th Century.

 Diamond, Sapphire Platinum Bracelet – Art Deco Style

diamond bracelet sapphire

This is a beautiful Art Deco style bracelet which was made in the 1930s. This platinum bracelet features oval shaped links which are covered in diamond pave. In between the diamond links are short bursts of sapphire pave bands which join the diamond links together. There are 64 old European cut diamonds and 32 single cut diamonds on this bracelet for a total of approximately 10 carats. In addition, there are 25 French cut sapphires which have a combined weight of more than 6 carats.

Gold & Amethyst Bracelet

gold bracelet amethyst

This is a beautiful gold bracelet where the bands of gold which forms the base are braided and looped to form a very visually interesting design. Spaced at even intervals all along this bracelet are seven purple amethysts of various size. The amethysts are of a deep purple color and are done in emerald cuts. This bracelet was made in 1945.

Diamond Necklace with Aquamarine and Amethyst Pendant

diamond pendant aquamarine necklace

This is a very beautiful and elegant necklace and pendant which was made in 1910. The centerpiece here is a gorgeous emerald cut aquamarine which is surrounded by four lovely purple amethysts and diamonds. This arrangement is suspended from an intricate and lace-like necklace make from platinum. There are two parallel rows of necklace where the empty space between the two strands are filled by the occasional flower pattern, made up of aquamarine and amethyst stones.

 Diamond Pendant with Gold & Sapphire

antique diamond sapphire pendant

This is a stunning heart shaped pendant which was made in 1890. The 18K gold backed pendant is covered mainly in sapphire pave with additional diamond pave in certain areas. In addition, this is topped off with silver inlay. This combination of precious stones and gold create a very beautiful visual display. There are 41 round cut deep blue sapphires on this pendant along with seven old mine cut diamonds. The bail is adorned with three sapphires and the long chain is made from gold.

Diamond Earrings with Pink Topaz

antique diamond earrings

These beautiful earrings were made sometime in the first decade of the 1900s. These earrings have been set with 86 old European cut diamonds for a total weight of more than seven carats. Then the jeweler set eight pink  topaz stones of various cuts into these earrings.

Diamond Earrings

diamond earrings set

These fabulous antique earrings were made in the 1880s. The classic shape of these earrings make them seem to come straight out of a fairy tale story. The pear shaped center diamonds are surrounded by a full diamond halo. That is then further surrounded by another outer halo which is made up of more diamonds which alternate in size from one to another. There are a total of 96 diamonds on these earrings for a total carat weight of nearly 9 carats.