Match the Perfect Engagement Ring with the Perfect Place

Ok, so you’ve decided to ask the woman that you love to marry you. It’s a decision that has been months in the making. You know that she is the One, and you want to make this moment as wonderful and special as it could possibly be. The first step is to pick out the perfect engagement ring. The next, and equally important step, is to plan out the best way to drop to one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

We are continuing our series on matching some of our most beautiful engagement rings with some truly amazing places around the world, to help inspire you so that your own engagement will be a true fairy tale moment.

San Francisco, California

There are so many beautiful places to visit when in San Francisco. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular sight. The huge International Orange colored bridge spans the bay. Even as the sea fog rolls in, it’s enthralling. There are several vantage points – from the bay surface below on a cruise, from a car as you travel over it, or from the Sausalito side where you can stand at the observation area and watch the traffic make its way over.

 In addition, there is Golden Gate Park, which is a beautiful park located under the Golden Gate Bridge. A great place for a run or just for strolling around the different paths and enjoying the statues or the many buildings. There are some really beautiful central areas and it’s a complete break to the madness of the busy city. You will be able to visit some amazing galleries, museums and gardens while you are there.

Another great park is the Presidio. Most of the Presidio’s 1,500 acres blissfully untouched. Once you get away from the bridge, you’ll find miles of soft trails through sun-dappled trees in the southern section of the park, and scenic overlooks hanging off dramatic cliff sides along the water.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: White Rose


Beautifully hip and trendy, the White Rose engagement ring set is full of character and style. The main engagement ring features a beautiful round cut center diamond, which is accented with two small side diamonds. Diamond pavé line the top of the white gold shank, while an inner band of rich rose gold provides a stunning contrast. The sides of the rose gold inner band has it’s own diamond pavé, with a ring of smaller diamonds meeting up at the head, where a larger round cut diamond rests. You can request a quote for this ring by using this link.

Zurich, Switzerland

Lake Zurich is the central hub of Zurich and helps to make walking around easy without getting lost. The main lake area features walking and jogging paths, paddle boats, food stands, and marina. The lake splits off into a river featuring bridges that separate old and new Zurich. You can pretty much walk the entire area in less than two hours.

Trams are the preferred transportation system and the day ticket is good for 24 hours. Main arteries are based here at the Lake so you can explore neighborhoods at will. For best food, visit the old town side where many cafes serve up great sandwiches, pizzas and Swiss specialties.

The Altstadt area is a collection of lovely little shops amidst a maze of cobblestone streets. Every twist and turn leads you to a lovely place. You can spend hours wandering around. Check out the Lindenhof (former Roman fortress) and watch locals playing traditional games and get a great view of the river. Climb to the top of Grössmunster for the best view of the city.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Jennifer


This stunning diamond engagement ring features a cushion cut center diamond, which has been surrounded by a full halo comprised of another 16 smaller diamonds. This halo accentuates the center diamond and gives the appearance of a much larger stone at this ring’s center. The gold shank of this ring has been adorned with partial diamond paves on each face of the shank. Multiple smaller brilliant diamonds sparkle from the top and sides of the shank to give this engagement ring extra dazzle.

You can get more information about this engagement ring, or watch the video, at this link.

Miami Beach, Florida

Lummus Park is like a buffer zone between Ocean drive and the beach. You can lay out there or walk around. Miami Beach public works maintains this stretch of land with pride. Plenty of shady indigenous trees, nicely maintained grassy areas and a wide sidewalk for biking, roller-blading, waking etc., truly a great place to people watch. Free Beach volleyball courts and a free beach gym are other highlights.

The Miami Beach Boardwalk is a romantic experience anytime of the day, however, most feel that early morning or evening are the best times to visit. You get to walk alongside the beach and the breeze is very nice to have to cool you down a little.

The Art Deco Historic District has architecture that is wonderful with a vibrant atmosphere. The architecture takes you and your imagination to a different place in time. The buildings are covered with lots of architectural delights and they are painted in bright and multicolored paints that attract the eye. The Tiffany building is especially fun to study. Many of the streets in this area are lined with shops and lovely little restaurants and it makes for a small town feeling in a big city. You don’t have to be an architect or student of art to enjoy this lovely area. Take a stroll back in time.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Amira


This diamond engagement ring has a clean, simple design that accentuates the beauty of the diamonds that adorn it. A large round brilliant cut diamond focuses attention as it is flanked by a beautiful three-row pave shank on either side. As a final adornment, a full pave diamond halo fully highlights the main, central diamond. This round diamond engagement ring is available in white gold.

You can request a quote for this engagement ring via this link.


Stockholm, Sweden

Take the time to explore Gamla Stan’s (Stockholm Old Town) cobblestoned streets and discover unique shops, cafes, and street scenes. Most restaurants post menus outside so you can decide on where to eat lunch or dinner. It takes around 15 minutes to walk from end to end if you are passing through.

Djurgarden is a great place for a walk in the nature, a lunch / dinner, boat trip, the incredible Skansen (open air museum included a very interesting zoo). And a lot of very interesting musems there (the Vasa, with the only remaining galeon from the XVII century, the Nordiska and many others).

Monteliusvagen is the best place to be which gives the best view of the Stockholm city. Go on a nice sunny evening, take beers and snacks. There is a small garden which can be used for a small picnic.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Lara


While slightly more rounded and feminine than its cousin, Lady Judith, the Lara engagement ring retains all of the former ring’s majesty. While the diamond encrusted shank (with gorgeous diamond pavé masterfully set on all sides) shares many design characteristics with Lady Judith, it is the head where the two engagement rings differ. Four sets of double gold prongs hold the stunning round cut center diamond securely in place, while a full diamond halo surrounds it and adds to its brilliance.

You can view more of this ring by visiting this link.