Lovely Ancient Gold Jewelry

Ancient gold jewelry is incredibly beautiful. What it lacks in manufacturing refinement, it more than makes up for in character, mystery and romance. The following jewelry pieces are great examples of the creativity and craftsmanship of the ancient jewelry makers. We have chosen jewelry that ranges from rings, to pendants, to bracelets and we made by Greek, Egyptian, and Roman jewelry masters.

Roman Shield & Grapes Gold Earrings

These gold earrings were crafted sometime between the 1st and 2nd Century A.D., by a Roman jewelry maker. These beautiful gold earrings, are made at the top in the form of a shield from which are suspended bunches of grapes. The top shields are finely decorated with four spirals and a central small group of granules.

Egyptian Gold Scarab Swivel Ring

This beautiful ancient Egyptian gold ring was created during the days of the pharaohs in the 18th Dynasty (circa 1200 B.C.). This ring features an oval hoop ring with a gold bezel set with a Carnelian scarab engraved with Ankh. The scarab on this gold ring swivels around as well.

Roman Gold Ring

This gold ring is Roman and was made in the 2nd century A.D. This is a hollow gold ring, with the oval inset carnelian intaglio deeply engraved with a standing Fortuna, who is holding a cornucopia in her right arm and a ship’s rudder in her left hand.

Greek Gold Lion-Head Earrings

These are a pair of gold Hellenistic earrings, each a twisted tapering loop, decorated collar with lion head final. These gold earrings were made in Greece sometime between the 4th and 1st century B.C.

Roman Gold Snake Bracelet

This is a Roman solid gold snake bracelet of round sectioned coiled wire, flat at the terminal with the head of snake decorated with deeply incised details and tail curving to an 8 shape. This gold bracelet was made between the 1st and 2nd century B.C.