Great Jewelry for Hot Summer Days and Nights

Summer is a great time to get out of the house after a long, cold winter and to socialize, shop, or sit on an outdoor terrasse and people-watch. Gorgeous summer days and hot summer nights are a wonderful time to dress up in some cool summer fashion and to enjoy the great summer delights your city has to offer.

Finding the right piece of jewelry to wear with your outfit can really complete your ‘look’. In this article, we will look at several of our premier jewelry pieces that would look great on you.

Hot Summer Jewelry

We’ll start our jewelry listing with some gorgeous rings.

Amilia Diamond Eternity Ring


 When it comes to stunning diamond jewelry, few pieces can compete in terms of style with our Amilia eternity ring. A classic eternity ring, we crafted the gold band with a clean yet refined styling. The elegant u-shaped prongs gently, yet securely hold each beautiful round cut diamond in place as they line the full diameter of the band. This ring would look great with a simple, but stylish outfit and minimal accessories. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that speaks of class and elegance with a hint of dazzle, then the Amilia eternity ring is for you. You can get more information on the Amilia eternity ring here.

Now and Forever Diamond Pendant

Jewelry-Now-and-Forever- Diamond-Pendant

One of our more contemporary jewelry pieces, the beautifully chic Now and Forever Diamond Pendant is perfect for a sophisticated evening out. If you are looking for a diamond pendant to complete your glamorous outfit, then you should look no further than this gorgeously urbane pendant. Four beautiful diamonds are tension set between parallel white gold bars. This dazzling pendant will help you set the right aura as you walk into the room. You can get more information on this diamond pendant by visiting the Now and Forever pendant’s product page.

Monaco Diamond Eternity Ring


Our Monaco diamond eternity ring was inspired by the glitz, glamour and style of that famous principality which lies along the shores of the French Riviera. The contemporary styled white gold band has been generously set with a triple row of beautiful round cut diamonds, which create a stunningly gorgeous display of brilliant sparkle. This diamond ring is the perfect complement for any glamorous fashion that you would wear. You can view more of this beautiful eternity ring by following this link.

Pear-Fection Fancy Diamond Ring


If you are looking for a jewelry piece that has a bold, refreshing summer look then the Pear-Fection ring is the ring for you. We have set as the center stone of this ring a luscious pear-shaped canary diamond. The brilliant yellow of this diamond fully embodies the fun, fresh feel of sunny summer days. If you want to have a more casual look while still hinting at your sophistication and elegance, then this diamond ring will fulfill your dreams. You can request a quote for this diamond ring here.

Joy Diamond Eternity Ring


As opposed to our Monaco eternity ring, with its ostentatious glitz and glam, the Joy eternity ring offers a more subtle look. Our master jewelers crafted a modern gold band with strong lines and smooth edges. We wanted for the luster of the  gold to be the canvas for this work of jewelry art. Then, to add to the beautiful visual appeal, we set a row of lovely round cut diamonds to wrap its way around the gold band, twisting around in a playful way. This diamond ring is an ideal accessory for those times that you plan on enjoying a casual afternoon having a drink with a friend. You can see more of this ring here.

Ashley Diamond Topaz Ring


Capturing the beautiful cool blue of the Mediterranean Sea, our stunning Ashley ring will turns heads and start conversions. The large sea-blue topaz sits organically on the artistically layered white gold shank . Four creatively crafted gold prongs hold the topaz a loft on full display for everyone to marvel over. Perfect for bright summer days or dazzling summer nights, the Ashley ring will look fabulous on you when you go out on the town. You can request a quote for this beautiful ring here.

Hoop Dreams Diamond Earrings


Nothing projects beautiful, stately elegance like a gorgeous pair of diamond hoop earrings. Our Hoop Dreams diamond earrings are a great choice if you want to dress up for an extra special soirée or event. When you need to look your best and to make a special impression, these earrings will make the difference for you. Beautiful gold hoops have been lovingly set with a row of sparkling diamonds in the perfect way to catch the light. Delicate and feminine, these earrings radiate a refined aura. You can view more of these earrings by visiting its page here.

Antonio Diamond Men’s Ring


For the man who is looking for that strong, modern look to complement his style, our Antonio diamond ring is a great choice. With its strong clean lines this men’s ring sets a powerful first impression. The clean style is accentuated with two perfectly placed round cut diamonds which are separated by a bold bevel cut. If you would like to learn more about this impressive ring, please visit here.

Bedazzled Diamond Tennis Bracelet


 Our final jewelry piece is a classic. A diamond bracelet is an essential fashion accessory for any woman, and our Bedazzled diamond tennis bracelet will set the tone for your perfect summer look. The gorgeous white gold band has been set with a full row of stunning diamonds which taken together, create a harmoniously sophisticated look. This tennis bracelet can be worn for any occasion, but where it really shines is when you are dressed up for a fun night out. The bracelet will dazzle and shine in a perfect complement to your personality and fashion sense. If you would like to learn more about this beautiful diamond tennis bracelet, please visit this page.