Great Diamond Rings for an Anniversary Gift

Great Diamond Rings for an Anniversary Gift

If you have a milestone anniversary coming up, why not surprise your significant other with a special gift. A diamond ring makes for a wonderful way to symbolize the enduring love that the two of you have shared and will continue to share into the future.

 At Bijouterie Exaurum, at our Jewelry Atelier and showroom in downtown Montreal Canada, we carry a variety of diamond rings which you can choose from. Some people prefer eternity rings as their gifts of choice while others prefer diamond rings which resemble engagement rings.

Below, our jewelry staff have selected four diamond rings which we feel would make excellent wedding anniversary gifts for you and your loved one.

The Amelia Diamond Eternity Ring

Amelia Diamond Eternity Ring

Our Amelia diamond eternity ring is a classic. The lovely gold shank has been crafted with a delicate and feminine appeal. Its narrow width carries with it an understated appearance at first glace, but the full row of diamond pave then produces a brilliant sparkle which leaves no doubt of its luxurious and sophisticated splendor. You can see more of this diamond eternity ring at its product page.

The 5 Stone Buttercup Diamond Ring

5 Stone diamond ring buttercup

The 5 Stone Buttercup diamond ring is a regal piece of jewelry. Five large, round cut diamonds have been set by our master jewelers as the highlights of this ring. Each of these diamonds have been placed onto the ring using bezel settings. Around each of the five diamonds is a beautiful diamond halo. These halos form the top portion of the ring with a sparkling splendor. You can see more of this diamond ring at its product page.

Floralie Diamond Ring

Floralie Diamond ring in eternity ring style

 Done in an eternity ring style, the Floralie diamond ring features an elaborate floral pattern which runs down the center of this ring. Each element of the pattern is made up of round cut diamonds of varying sizes. The center pattern is framed on both sides of the ring with eternity ring style bands. These bands run the full diameter of the ring and are set with plenty of diamonds. You can view more of this diamond ring at its product page.

The Fancy Diamond Ring

The Fancy diamond ring

 The Fancy diamond ring features a beautiful oval cut diamond which has been bezel set as this ring’s center stone. A full diamond halo surrounds this center diamond. To either side of the center diamond rests two smaller side diamonds, each of which are surrounded by diamond halos. The gold shank of this ring splits as it rises towards the top of the ring. You can view more of this ring by visiting its product page.