Gorgeous Antique Diamond Rings

Gorgeous Antique Diamond Rings

 While Exaurum Jewelers (located in downtown Montreal, Canada) has its own line of beautiful diamond rings, we are always looking for other beautiful rings which we could showcase.

We found several beautiful antique diamond rings that we feel transcend the years and still look amazing even today.

Triple Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

three diamond ring

This is a beautiful diamond ring which has been set with three large old European cut diamonds along the top of the ring. The center diamond is larger than the two diamond which flank it and are a total of 7.5 carats in weight. The shank is made from 18K yellow gold and has a clean, simple design.

Diamond Ring with Gold & Platinum

ring with gold and diamond pave

 This ring has a shank that is made with a combination of 18K yellow gold which runs along the outer edges and platinum for the broad part of the band which runs along the center of the ring. This platinum center area has been set with a double row of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Diamond Yellow Gold Panther Ring

diamond gold panther ring

This is a beautiful ring that has been shaped to resemble a panther. The body of the cat is made from 18K yellow gold and the tail curls around until it almost reaches the front of the face, with a small gap located just in front of the panther’s mouth. The eyes of the panther are made from emeralds while the nose is made of black onyx. The rest of the cat’s head and top portion of its back are covered in diamond pave. There are 137 round cut diamonds which make up this diamond pave on this ring.

 Men’s Wide Diamond Eternity Ring

gold ring diamond pave

 This is a beautiful eternity style diamond ring that features a wide band. This ring is made from 18K yellow gold and has been set with five full rows of beautiful round cut diamonds which cover its face fully. The diamond rows are slightly offset which gives this ring an extra chic appearance.

 Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring

diamond gold ring

This diamond ring has been set with 66 round cut diamonds which cover the top face of the ring. This top area is split into two halves and is completely covered in diamond pave. The 18K yellow gold shank rises up to meet the diamond pave section. The unique design of the gold creates tongues of flame out of the gold which rise up and engulfs the diamonds.