Five Amazing Antique Diamond Rings

Five Amazing Antique Diamond Rings

 We, in the past, have professed our love for vintage, antique jewelry designs and in particular for vintage diamond rings. We have uncovered several more wonderful diamond ring designs from the past which we would like to share with you. The following are five antique diamond rings which are simply exquisite in their design.

Ring with Diamond & Sapphires – Cluster Cocktail Ring


This is a beautiful cocktail ring which has been set with an array of beautiful round cut diamonds all along the center portion of the ring. Leaf-like, deep-blue sapphires have been arranged along the outer edges of this ring to create a very organic feel to this ring. The ring itself is made from solid 14K yellow gold. This is a quite large and very ornate diamond ring which commands a strong visual presence.

Beautiful Antique Diamond & Ruby Ring


This is a simply stunning ring which features two bezel set diamonds in the center of this ring. These two diamonds are surrounded by an oval structure which has been paved with luscious red rubies. Beyond this, the metal work of the platinum on this ring is very intricate and almost like lace. In the middle of the patterns are more diamond accents. The very outer edge of this ring is made with a full diamond pave.

1870 Gold, Silver & Diamond Ring

diamond gold silver ring

This beautiful ring was made in the 1870s and was done with a combination of both silver and gold. At its center lies a gorgeous bezel set diamond. The wide face of this diamond ring was then covered with more diamonds of various sizes, done in an artistically pleasant manner. The outer edges of this diamond ring have intricate designs and is done in silver and gold filigree. The gold shank is also beautifully styled.

Gold with Onyx Diamond Ring


This beautiful 14K gold ring was produced in the 1940s and features a beautiful bezel set round cut diamond at its center. This diamond has been set in the middle of a jet black onyx and in doing so, produces a fabulous contrast. The gold shank has been sculpted with a very organic look.

Snowflake Designed Diamond Ring made with Platinum


 This beautiful diamond ring has been set with an old cut center diamond with a bezel setting. This center diamond rests atop a beautiful snowflake-like structure which has been set with more diamonds along its bottom. The entire ring is made from solid platinum and also has been decorated with beautiful filigree.