Engagement Ring Styles for Spring 2016

Spring has finally arrived, sending Old Man Winter packing for another nine months. With its arrival comes the start of another Spring tradition: Wedding Engagements.

As the weather warms, thoughts turn to love and ideas of marriage and lavish weddings. When it comes to choosing the ideal engagement ring, many men have trouble trying to choose the perfect engagement ring for their future bride. This is never a simple or easy task. Not only are there many different styles to choose from, but the engagement ring also needs to suit the style and personality of the woman who will wear it.

So far in 2016, there have been several engagement ring styles that have dominated in terms of general interest and in sales. The following are the main engagement ring styles for the spring of 2016.

Halo Engagement Rings


Halo engagement rings have long been popular with people. This year, engagement rings with full single or double halos have been quite popular in Ex Aurum’s boutique. The halo engagement ring style first appeared in the Art Deco era of the 1920s. While they have always been popular, halo engagement rings are currently experiencing a strong boost in interest this year. This is not surprising as people are looking for larger stones and a full diamond halo can make the center diamond appear as much as 50% larger. Additionally, since the small diamonds are not as expensive as larger diamonds, an engagement ring that features a diamond halo can give the impression of a much larger and more expensive ring at a much lower price.

In addition to making the center diamond appear larger, many people also want the halos that are different from the classic halos of the past. Diamond halos can be made using colored stones, which provide contrast to the center diamond and can increase visual interest. The halo diamonds can also be of different cuts, which can give an entirely different style and mood of the engagement ring.

Ex Aurum carries a wide selection of beautiful diamond engagement rings with halos. The above ring is our Cordoba engagement ring model, which was introduced late last year and has been very popular with our clientele.

Ornate Shanks & Elaborate Profiles



When most people look at an engagement ring, they focus on the face with the center diamond. Recently, many more people have become interested in the way the side profile and shank of the engagement ring looks. While contemporary styles that feature a clean, simple shank are always popular now people want engagement rings that have much more ornate shanks that display elaborate profiles.

Ornate shanks and highly detailed mountings, settings, and prongs give extra visual excitement to an engagement ring. This is especially true if these areas also are accented with smaller, brilliant diamonds. These engagement rings offer an increased sense of luxury and flash.

Ex Aurum Fine Jewelry carries many special engagement rings which feature ornate side profiles. The engagement ring that is shown above is our F-473 model.

Rose Gold


 The most common engagement ring sold in past years was usually crafted in white gold, but this year we are seeing an increase of requests for rings made in rose gold. Rose gold can provide a beautiful choice in an engagement ring for couples that want to do things a little different and make a small break with tradition.

When combined in an engagement ring that also uses white gold and accented with diamond pave, the effect can be stunning. Such engagement rings truly stand out when worn and the aged-look quality of the rose gold makes this ring age very well. Rose gold engagement rings are perfect for the woman who loves to be unique but still loves that old-fashioned quality of the great jewelry of yesteryear.

The engagement ring that is shown above is our Rose Gold Engagement Ring.

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