Diamond Engagement Rings & Cocktail Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings & Cocktail Rings

Diamond rings come in all styles and some of the most interesting and beautiful rings are those who have some color that contrasts with the diamonds and gold of the ring. Antique diamond ring designers from yesteryear often used tone tone gold as well as different colored diamonds and gemstones to add visual interest to their jewelry.

The following are several diamond rings which feature a colorful array of precious and semi precious stones that help make beautiful jewelry even more radiant.

Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow & White Gold


This is a gorgeous diamond ring which features a large cushion cut center diamond that is flanked on either side by side diamonds. All three main diamonds have been framed with lovely diamond pave. Diamond pave also adorns the shank of this ring. In addition, the center diamond’s pave has been set in lustrous yellow gold which contrasts perfectly with the white of the diamonds and gold shank. The four sets of double-prongs have also been done in yellow gold. The shank has been done in 18K gold while the center diamond weighs in at 4 carats. Each trapezoid cut side diamonds weigh 0.35 carats.

Engagement Ring with Diamonds & Tourmaline


This beautiful diamond ring has been set with an exceedingly beautiful and rare Paraiba tourmaline. These tourmalines are mined in the Brzailian state which bears its name and are very rare. Only one of these tourmalines are mined for every 10000 diamonds. This rarity in addition to their neon turquoise blue-green beauty make them very sought after. This diamond ring has been set with 4 carats of diamonds in addition to the 17 carat tourmaline. The ring was styled to have a double row halo of diamonds frame the center stone, with the outer row to have a flower petal feel.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Yellow Sapphire


This is a gorgeous diamond engagement ring which features a beautiful yellow sapphire at its center. This sapphire has been set with four yellow gold prongs whose color allows them to blend in with the color from the sapphire. The gold work on this ring has been artistically crafted to form multiple rows of diamond pave brilliance which flow around the wearer’s finger as well as around the sapphire. 138 round cut brilliant diamonds form this elegant pave. The gold on this ring is 18K and has been done in both yellow and white gold. The cetner sapphire weighs in at 12.5 carats while the full diamond pave represents nearly 4 carats of diamonds.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Tourmaline


This is another diamond ring which features a beautiful Paraiba tourmaline as its center stone. The stunning turquoise tourmaline weighs in at 14 carats while the floral pattern halo has 4 carats of diamonds.

Gold Diamond Ring with Emerald


This cocktail ring is made from lustrous 18K yellow gold with the shank splitting to form a triple row of gold bands. At the end of the bands, ending near the head of the ring, are six bezel set round cut diamonds. The focus of this ring is a gorgeously green pear shaped, natural Colombian emerald. The emerald has been surrounded by a full halo of diamonds.

Diamond Ring in Rose Gold with Padparadscha Sapphire


 This is another cocktail ring which features a rare and beautiful oval cut Padparadscha sapphire. These sapphires’ name translates to “aquatic lotus blossom”, in reference to their lovely pink salmon color. The center sapphire weighs in at 2 carats. The organically designed halo resembles a starburst or flower petals and are made up of nearly 3 carats of diamonds. The shank is simple yet delicate and the overall beauty of this jewelry piece is exquisite.