Classic Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Classic Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

 Classically-styled diamond engagement rings have a personality which differs from their contemporary versions. Classic engagement rings possess an aura of sophistication and sentimentality that embodies the personality of eras in which they were made.

Many of these vintage engagement rings feature solitaire diamonds or trinity settings (or side diamonds). The cuts of these diamonds can range from round cut to emerald cuts. The following are a few examples of vintage & classic diamond engagement rings.

Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond engagement ring solitaire

This classic solitaire diamond ring features a 4 carat round cut center diamond, secured in place by  six gold prongs. The shank is made from 14K white gold and is about as classic as you can get for an engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds

emerald cut diamond engagement ring

This engagement ring has been set with a fabulous 3.33 carat emerald cut center diamond. To either side of this center diamond have been placed two baguette cut side diamonds which run along the shank. The shank is made from platinum.

Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond halo engagement ring

This impressive diamond engagement ring features a 1 carat center diamond which has been accentuated by a double halo of diamonds. The inner halo is made with smaller diamonds while the outer halo contain larger diamonds. The white gold shank has also been set with diamond pave.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Floral Engraving

impressive diamond engagement ring

This diamond engagement ring was made during the Edwardian Era. The old mine cut center diamond weighs 3.7 carats and is bezel set within the gold shank. A full diamond halo surrounds this center diamond while the gold shank spreads out to envelope the halo and center diamond along the outer edges. The gaps between the shank bands has been filled with intricate floral patterns. Beautiful diamond pave has been set along all exposed areas of gold.

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond engagement ring pear shape

This diamond engagement ring features an impressive 8 carat center diamond which has been cut in a pear shape. Five gold prongs support this large center diamond, which is flanked by two tapered baguette cut side diamonds. The shank on this ring has been made from platinum.