Classic Jewelry From the Past

Classic Jewelry From the Past

In our quest to bring our readers beautiful, original and interesting jewelry from the past and present, we have found five more jewelry pieces from the past which we think are truly amazing.

Chopard Gold & Diamond Watch


This is a gorgeous Chopard watch which was made in an unknown year. This ladies watch is made from 18K yellow gold. The small timepiece center is surrounded by a halo of small diamonds. This entire assembly floats within the center of the watch. seven round diamonds adorn the empty inner space in between the watch face and the outer halo of larger diamonds. The yellow gold band is made in panther link fashion.

Diamond Bracelet with Burmese Rubies


This is an exceptionally beautiful white gold bracelet which is adorned with 6.50 carats of fine diamonds. The diamonds are done in an upper and lower row. In between these diamond rows are 9.75 carats of exquisite Burmese rubies which form a row which runs all the way around this gold bracelet.

Diamond Ring with Center Sapphire


This diamond ring is made from 14K white gold. The center stone is a stunning 7 carat deep blue sapphire, which has been cut in a triangle shape. There are 0.52 carats of diamonds which line the halo and shank of this ring. The ring itself is made with 7 grams of gold.

Jean Schlumberger Gold Diamond & Enamel Bracelet


Made by the famous jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger, this beautiful bracelet shines with the brilliant luster of gold, sky blue turquoise and sparkling diamond pave. The gold used in this bracelet is 18K yellow gold. Mr. Sclumberger then added 20.00 carats of diamonds to fill the sections in between the turquoise. The total weight of this bracelet is nearly 154 grams.

Diamond & Pearl Earrings


These are a pair of lovely earrings which feature South Seas pear-shaped pearls. The eight diamonds weigh a combined 4 carats and the frame of the earrings is done in 18K gold.