Classic Engagement Rings from the Past

Classic Engagement Rings from the Past

Even in the past, diamond engagement rings came in many styles. These engagement ring styles usually followed the predominant style of the era (Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, etc.), so a person familiar with the these different eras could guess around which year a particular ring was made.

Continuing with our look at classic diamond engagement rings from the past, in this article we have found five engagement rings that have different styles, yet all of which are beautiful.

Diamond Engagement Ring – Edwardian Era


This beautiful engagement ring features a magnificent round cut center diamond, which has been surrounded by a full diamond halo. The yellow gold shank of this engagement ring has been intricately designed to have an organic floral pattern. All across the wide gold shank, individual round cut diamonds have been set for added brilliance. The yellow gold also has been adorned with lovely filigree and beading. The center diamond is of 1.20 carat weight, while all the side diamonds combine to weigh 0.38 carats.

 Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with Matching Wedding Ring


This is an engagement ring set that features two rings made from yellow gold and have a row of channel set diamonds adorning the top of each ring. The main ring is a solitaire diamond engagement ring that has a 0.92 carat heart shaped diamond as its center stone. Five gold prongs hold this lovely diamond in place. The rows of round cut diamonds which are set within channel weight a further 0.50 carats. Each ring is made from 3.30 grams of 14K yellow gold.

Pear Shaped Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This is a stunning engagement ring which has a pear shaped diamond set at ts center. This diamond weighs 1.30 carats. A double row halo surrounds this center diamond and a full diamond pave adorns the gold shank. 57 round cut diamonds make up the halo and pave, for a combined weight of 1.21 carats.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo and Split Shank


Here we have a more typically classic engagement ring. A beautiful round cut center diamond has been set and secured by means of four gold prongs. This diamond was then surrounded by two full diamond halos which radiate outwards. The center diamond weighs 0.52 carats. The 14K white gold shank splits as it nears the ring’s shoulders and each of these splits are encrusted with beautiful diamond pave.

Yellow Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring – Victorian Era


┬áThis is a chic engagement ring set which features a stunning diamond engagement ring and an ornate gold wedding ring. The engagement ring has been set with an Old European cut diamond which weighs 1.00 carat. This diamond has been bezel set within the ring. The shank of the ring has been decorated with lovely designs. The yellow gold wedding ring matches the engagement ring’s shank in design style.