Beautiful Diamond Drop Pendants

Beautiful Diamond Drop Pendants

Few jewelry pieces can be as classic, stylish and sophisticated as diamond drop pendants. These necklaces can be done with a clean and simple gold chain but they can also be made with a more ornate gold & gem stone chain which dazzles in its own right.  The following pendants have traditional styles but lean more to the ‘ornate’ end of the style range.

Diamond Drop Necklace with White & Yellow Diamonds


This is an impressive diamond drop pendant which has been set with 10 carats of both white and yellow diamonds. The chain has been done in 18K white gold and is lined with diamond pave. This diamond drop pendant necklace has been designed to exude an Old World European air of royalty. Also, the wonderful contrast between the central yellow diamonds and the white round-cut diamonds which form the infinity pave all around this necklace is simply beautiful. This is a necklace and pendant that radiates sophistication.

Diamond Drop Necklace with Diamonds and Pink Sapphire


This diamond drop pendant and necklace is another gorgeous piece of jewelry that has an air of refined nobility. The focal point of this necklace is the absolutely stunning pink sapphire that adorns the diamond drop portion. As with the previous pendant and necklace, this one features generous amounts of diamond pave which adorns the full surface area of the gold chain. Adding to the visual richness of this necklace are four smaller diamond drops which dangle from either side of the main drop (the pink sapphire). There are two of these smaller diamond drops to either side of the main pendant.

Diamond & Sapphire Heart Shaped Pendant in 14K White Gold


 If you love heart shaped diamond pendants, then this one is for you. Made in 14K white gold, the heart shape of the pendant has been designed to have an inner row of white diamonds and an outer, offset row of bold blue sapphires. The combination of the two colors, in addition to the offset character of the rows, gives a strong visual presentation for the viewer. In the center of the heart, lies a round section set with seven round cut diamonds.

 Diamond Necklace with Diamond Drop Pendant and Emerald


 This is a beautiful 14K gold necklace that has been set with 8 carats of round cut diamonds to form a wonderful diamond pave. A gorgeous pear shaped emerald lies at the center of the pendant. This natural Colombian emerald is 12 carats in weight and has a wonderful green color.