Beautiful Antique Jewelry & Diamond Rings

Beautiful Antique Jewelry & Diamond Rings

Every now and then, we like to feature some beautiful, antique jewelry on our blog. We love the beautiful unique designs, the creative use of colored gemstones, and warmth that radiates from the hand-worked metals (unlike the machine perfection of today’s jewelry).

In the past, jewelers used plenty of creativity and imagination in their designs, utilizing inspiration from the natural world as well as from the modern art and architecture of the time to create wonderfully original designs.

The following are some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Diamond & Sapphire Ring – Tiffany & Co from the 1920s

This gorgeous diamond ring, made in the 1920s, features five beautiful round cut sapphires as the main decorative feature of the ring. These sapphires are outlined with lovely and creative gold metal work which provides contrast between the gold color and the deep blue of the sapphires. An outer halo of round cut diamonds (which are of alternating size between larger and smaller) create a brilliant and sparkling frame.The metal work on the gold shank is beautiful as well. The gold on this ring is 18K. Thefive sapphires weigh a total of 1.5 carats while the 24 old European cut diamonds weight 0.75 carats.

Wedding Ring with Two-Tone Gold


This beautiful gold wedding ring is made from yellow and white gold, separated into three strands. The outer strands are made from yellow gold while the center one is made with white gold. Each strand has been designed to resemble braided strands, with the yellow gold strands facing in one direction while the white gold strands face the opposing direction. The gold in this ring is 18K gold.

Diamond Ring with Pink Sapphires


This diamond ring has been sculpted with an 18K gold shank which flows with  a curve. The outer part of the curve has been lined with diamond pave, which hugs the outline of the gold band. In between these diamond pave sections, there are three rows of beautiful pink sapphires.

Diamond Ring with Sapphires


This is another diamond ring which has been adorned with sapphires. The sapphires have been laid all across the center face of this ring in pave style. All along the outer edge of the sapphire pave center, there has been set a row of round cut diamonds which encircle the ring’s outer edge. These diamonds resemble the petals of a flower as they fan out. The shank has been made from yellow gold and the color contrasts beautifully with the color of the sapphires.