Beautiful Antique Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

Beautiful Antique Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

Sometimes you can find some beautiful pieces of jewelry at auctions ans estate sales. Even if you don’t manage to buy anything, it can still be a lot of fun to drop by and see what interesting and exotic jewelry might be on the auction block.

This article will focus on some lovely jewelry pieces which we found on sale or at auction.

18K Gold Ring with Aquamarine center stone


Made in the 1930s, this is a beautiful 18k yellow gold ring which features a stunning & large emerald-cut aquamarine center stone. The center stone is held securely in place via six gold prongs which grip the sides of the aquamarine. The shank itself is styled in Art Deco fashion, with the gold shank splitting into six (three per side) columns which rise up from the bottom of the shank up to the the aquamarine stone where they form the prongs.

 Beautiful Platinum Diamond & Pearl Necklace


This stunning necklace was made in the 1920s and really embodies the spirit of the Roaring 20s, Jazz Age and Art Deco eras. The necklace is made from platinum, which the chain and links having been artfully styled and decorated. The necklace chain was then decorated with numerous seed pearls and diamonds. The main part of the lower necklace, which drops down, contains beautiful amethysts and more diamonds.

 Antique Gold & Porcelain Brooch


This is a beautiful gold brooch, made by the famous atelier Boucheron in Paris around the year 1860. The gold frame is very ornate and intricate and resembles. The center is made from porcelain and depicts two cherubs. The gold is lustrous 18k and the entire jewelry piece is in wonderful condition.

 18K Gold Platinum Diamond Earrings


These are a pair of amazing gold & platinum diamond hoop earrings. These beautiful earrings were made by Tiffany & Co. and is the ‘Etoile’ style. The gold is 18K and the beautiful round cut diamonds are placed in a lovely oscillating pattern all along the earrings.

14K Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring

This is a gorgeous Art Deco gold & diamond ring. The yellow gold shank and frame have been crafted to form sharp angles, giving this diamond ring a very masculine appearance. This diamond ring has been covered in diamond pave, in the triangular areas created by the gold frame. The diamonds which have been set are both European and Old Mine cuts.

18K Yellow & White Gold Diamond and Emerald Necklace and Pendant


This is a beautiful necklace with a uniquely-styled drop pendant. The necklace is made from lustrous 18K yellow gold. The drop pendant has been styled to form nine gold fringes, each of which is terminated with either a diamond or an emerald. The diamonds and emeralds are placed in an alternating manner. Higher up on the necklace, diamonds and emeralds have been placed within white gold clasps, to give this necklace an additional design feature.

 14K Gold Bracelet Watch Brooch


This beautiful piece of jewelry was made in the Victorian Era, approximately in the year 1880. The bracelet has an oval-shaped portrait of a woman. The bracelet can also have a watch placed into it, if so desired.

18K Gold & Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Earrings


These earrings were made around 1890. They have been set with beautiful diamonds and stunning sapphires. These precious stones have been artistically used in conjunction with the tasteful and intricate metalwork to form various patterns and designs along the front surface of the earrings. The backs of the earrings are done in 18K yellow gold.