Beautiful Antique Diamond Rings with Gems

Beautiful Antique Diamond Rings with Gems

There is no shortage of beautiful diamond rings which were made many years ago. These diamond rings usually feature beautiful metalwork designs and also have been set with other colorful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies to give these jewelry pieces some beautifully interesting visual displays.

The following are some examples of lovely antique diamond rings which have possess some amazing styles and colors.

Diamond Ring with Large Kashmir Sapphire


This is a beautiful platinum ring which has a split shank and an ornately designed head. The center stone on this diamond ring is a stunning 42 carat Kashmir Sapphire, which has been surrounded by a full diamond halo. Kashmir Sapphires are extremely rare and sought after. These sapphires were mined in the Kashmir region and nearly all of these sapphires were found over 100 years ago. Because of this rarity, Kashmir Sapphires fetch high prices at auctions whenever one of these gems are put up for sale.

Diamond Ring with Colombian Emerald Center Stone


 This is another impressive diamond ring which has been set with a massive 43 carat Colombian emerald. The shank and head are very intricately designed and covered with diamond pave. The ring is made from 18K white gold. This diamond ring has a very regal presence and has been valued at approximately $50,000.

 Platinum Diamond Ring


This is a beautiful diamond ring with a platinum shank. The ring has a very powerful, modern styling with the center diamond being enveloped by the shank at the sides as well as underneath. The center diamond has a baguette cut and is of D color and is internally flawless. The diamond weighs 5.6 carats. The inside of the platinum shank has also been inscribed by the maker.

Yellow Diamond Platinum Ring


This is a stunning ring made in 18K platinum. The shank splits near the shoulders of this ring with each band rising to meet the diamond halo which surrounds the center diamond. Each of these bands is lined with diamond pave. The head of this diamond ring has an impressive design and structure. The center diamond on this ring is a fabulous yellow diamond which weighs 5.9 carats.

 Diamond Ring with Emeralds and White & Yellow Gold


This is a beautiful diamond ring which features a gorgeous emerald cut Emerald. Three successive rows of full diamond halos surround this center emerald, with the middle halo also featuring alternating emeralds in between the diamonds. The inner halo, which is closest to the center emerald, has yellow gold prongs which compliment the green of the emeralds in a beautiful way. The center emerald is 10.7 carats in size.