Amazing Antique Diamond Rings

Amazing Antique Diamond Rings

Diamond rings come in a variety of styles and while there are many beautiful contemporary ring designs, we have a soft spot for antique diamond ring designs. The breadth of creativity in many antique rings are simply amazing. We also love the use of a variety of precious stones which adds brilliant color to these rings.

We have selected six diamond rings to feature which we have found to be exceptionally beautiful.

Diamond, Emerald, Enamel & Gold Panther Ring from Cartier

diamond ring gold panther

 This is a gorgeous diamond ring, made by Cartier. This ring has been made with a panther’s head at the top. The neck of the panther stretches down and curves around the finger when worn. The entire ring is made of fine 18K gold. The panther’s head has two emeralds set as the eyes and a black onyx set as the nose of the cat. The face and the outer band of this ring has been lined with diamond pave. This diamond pave is made of approximately 7 carats of beautiful round cut diamonds.

 Diamond Ring with Cushion Cut Tanzanite

diamond ring sapphire

This is an impressive diamond ring which has been set with a large and beautiful cushion cut tanzanite which weighs nearly 23 carats. This center stone is secured by four pairs of claw prongs, one pair at each corner of the stone. The tanzanite was then surrounded by two full diamond halos. The inner diamond halo is framed with yellow gold while the outer diamond halo was done in white gold. This two tone gold gives the ring an extra burst of lustrous color which contrast so well with the deep blue of the tanzanite.

Diamond Gold Ring with Emeralds

diamond ring emerald

 This is an exceptional 18K gold ring that has been set with 15 round cut diamonds for a total weight of 3.40 carats. An additional 38 emeralds (of various cuts) have also been set between and around the diamonds of this ring. The overall visual display of the yellow gold, white diamonds and deep green emeralds produce a beautiful look.

 Diamond Ring with Rubies – Edwardian

Diamond Ring Rubies

This is a beautiful diamond ring from the Edwardian Era. Made from platinum, this ring features an oval shaped head which features an image of a flower made from diamond pave. Surrounding this diamond flower is a full ruby pave which is made of 52 square cut rubies. An outer diamond halo surrounds all this.

Diamond Ring in White Gold – Lotus Shape

diamond ring lotus flower

This intriguing diamond ring is made from 18K white gold. The ring has been crafted in the shape of a lotus flower and features both diamond encrusted petals and leaves. Two vines wrap around the base to form the gold shank.

Diamond Ring with Aquamarine Center Stone

diamond ring aquamarine

 This is a diamond ring which features a lovely blue aquamarine of impressive size as its center stone. The aquamarine is nearly 20 carats in weight and is surrounded by a full halo of 32 diamonds.