A Few Beautiful Wedding Rings

A Few Beautiful Wedding Rings

Choosing the right wedding rings is an important task. While the engagement ring provides the ‘Wow!’ factor when popping the question, the wedding rings serve a more serious purpose.

Wedding rings, which will be worn forever day-to-day, serve as reminders of your marriage vows and of your eternal dedication to one another. Therefore, choosing the best wedding rings for the wedding day is very crucial.

Exaurum’s downtown Montreal Canada jewelry showroom carries a large selection of gold and diamond-accented wedding rings to suit all tastes. Below, we have selected a few wedding rings to showcase the differing styles which are available.

FH6-757 Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings

FH6-757 Gold & Diamond Wedding Rings

 The FH6-757 wedding ring features a solid gold band which has been set with two princess cut diamonds, arranged side-by-side to fill the width of the band and touching each edge. Beginning slightly away from these two diamonds, there is a thin groove which runs down the center of the wedding ring and travels the length of the gold band, ending just before the other side of the diamonds. You can see more of this wedding ring at its product page.

FH6-792 Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings

FH6-792 Gold & Diamond Wedding Rings

 The FH6-792 wedding ring has a two-tone gold band, with the outer sections of the band done in white gold while the center section is done in yellow gold. Each of the three sections is of equal width. At regular intervals along the diameter of the band, there are grooves which run from edge-to-edge and provide visual interest. There have been placed three, princess cut diamonds (which run from edge-to-edge as well) which denote the top of the wedding ring. See more of this wedding ring over at its product page.

 The FH6-817 Gold & Diamond Wedding Ring


 This white gold wedding ring features a single princess cut diamond accent which rests in the center of a grooved band that encircles this wedding ring down the middle. You can view this ring on its product page to get more information.

 The FH8-1115 Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring

The FH8-1115 Gold Wedding Ring with Diamond Accents

This beautiful wedding ring is made from lovely white gold and its surface have been decorated with a contemporary texture design. There are also three round-cut diamonds which have been set in a row and span the width of the wedding ring’s surface from side-to-side. If you want more information regarding this wedding ring, please visit its product page by following this link.