5 Classic Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

5 Classic Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

 The first diamond engagement ring (that we know of with any certainty) was ordered in 1477 by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Over the course of the next 540 years, engagement ring styles have changed along with the tastes of the times. Some eras produced engagement rings with were very ornate and colorful, as they incorporated colored gems along with diamonds.

Apart from the choice of diamonds and other gemstones, the styles of the shank have also changed. There were times when tastes preferred very ornate filigree and designs. Organic designs have been popular numerous times, such as during the Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque eras. While at other times, peoples’ style choices for engagement rings were for more geometric and modern design, like during the Art Deco era.

 The modern diamond engagement ring, with the styling that many are familiar with today, first began to appear after the end of World War II.  In the 1950s, diamond engagement rings began to be made with solitaire diamonds as well as smaller side diamonds and diamond pave. These rings began to resemble the engagement rings which are still made today. Many of the classic diamond solitaire ring styles as well as diamond halo and pave engagement rings became popular. These engagement ring styles became ingrained in popular culture as celebrities began to be featured wearing these engagement ring styles and their fans went on to emulate them and ask for similar engagement rings.

 At Exaurum Jewelers, with our jewelry atelier and jewelry showroom located in downtown Montreal Canada, our expert jewelry designers and professional jewelers have been creating beautiful diamond engagement rings for nearly 30 years. Classically styled diamond engagement rings are among our most popular models and we have chosen five diamond engagement rings to feature which have been made with a classic engagement ring style.

 The Princess Melissa Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Princess Melissa

 Consistently one of our best selling diamond engagement rings, the Princess Melissa ring has all the elements of a classic engagement ring. This ring features a beautiful cushion cut center diamond that is supported by four slender gold prongs. This center diamond has then been surrounded by a full diamond halo that outlines the shape of the center diamond. The gold shank has been made to be beautifully thin and feminine. Our jewelers then set a partial diamond pave which runs down either side of the shank, which runs down from the center diamond and ends halfway down the gold shank. To see more of this beautiful diamond engagement ring, including a video of the ring, please visit its product page by following this link.

 The Eloise Diamond Engagement Ring

Eloise Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond engagement ring has been styled to have simple, clean lines which powerfully focus the viewer on the beautiful center diamond. This center diamond happens to be a lovely round cut diamond, held in place by a system of four gold prongs. The center diamond has been framed by two full diamond halos, one at the top and one more along the side. These two diamond halos, along with the center diamond, create a wondrous visual display of sparkle and shine. The gold shank has been set with half rows of diamond pave which run from the bottom of the halo down halfway the shank. You can view more of this beautiful  diamond engagement ring by following this link back to its product page.

The Jennifer Diamond Engagement Ring

Jennifer Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut Diamond

 The Jennifer diamond engagement ring has been set with a fabulous cushion cut center diamond. This center diamond has then been surrounded with a stunning diamond halo. Both the center diamond and the diamond halo rise above the gold shank, being held aloft by a slender gold pedestal. The shank has been set, both on the top and on the sides, with beautiful diamond pave which sparkles with vibrancy. Please view the video of this beautiful engagement ring over at its product page, which can be found by following this link.

 Princess Melina Diamond Engagement Ring


This engagement ring has always been one of more popular jewelry pieces in our showroom.  The ring has been set with a stunning round cut center diamond. Unlike the previously mentioned rings on this list, the Princess Melina engagement ring does not have a diamond halo. This engagement ring does not need a diamond halo to help accentuate it beauty as it diamond encrusted gold shank fulfills that role. Our jewelers have set three full rows of beautiful diamond pave all along this ring’s band. If you would like to see how this stylish engagement ring sparkles like few others can, please watch a video of the ring by following this link.

The Legendary Diamond Engagement Ring


 For people who love classic diamond rings that feature large center diamonds, the Legendary engagement ring is here for you. Our master jewelers (working in our jewelry atelier in the heart of downtown Montreal) have set this engagement ring with a prominent round cut center diamond, which is held securely by four gold prongs. A chic diamond halo surrounds the center diamond, adding to it prominence. The gold shank was then covered in a partial diamond pave, which runs down the shank to past the halfway point. You can view this ring, as well a video of it, by following this link back to its product page.