5 Beautiful Vintage Jewelry Pieces

5 Beautiful Vintage Jewelry Pieces

 Antique jewelry is especially beautiful due to the use of various colored gems, intricate filigree, and imaginative use of shapes and themes. The following are five wonderful examples of beautiful vintage jewelry pieces.

Diamond & Kunzite Halo Pendant


This beautiful diamond halo pendant features a large 8 carat pink Kunzite gem stone at its center. A full diamond halo embraces the full contour of the oval shaped stone. The gold is decorated with lovely beading and filigree for extra visual impact.

Diamond Ball Stud Earrings


These are a pair of vintage ball diamond stud earrings shaped in the form of flowers. The petals of the flower are done in two tone gold and decorated with beautiful pink sapphires.  There are 33 sapphires set in these earrings and the metal is solid 18K gold.

Diamond & Aquamarine Pendant

diamond pendant aquamarine

This is a stunning diamond pendant which has a large (38 carat) blue aquamarine at its center. The emerald cut aquamarine has a beautiful color and meshes so well, visually, with the style of the pendant. The frame of this pendant is made from solid platinum.

Diamond Earrings made from White Gold & Tourmaline

diamond earrings pink tourmaline

 These gold earrings feature diamond halos which surround each of the two tourmaline gems which adorn the center of each earring. These lovely earrings dangle down from hoops which themselves are covered in diamonds.

Diamond, Gold & Jade Bracelet

gold diamond bracelet jade

This fabulous gold bracelet features three rectangular jade elements, equally spaced along the front of the bracelet. In between each piece of jade, are three round cut diamonds. The yellow gold is in perfect harmony with the green of the jade and the beauty of the white diamonds.